Building The Perfect Floating Dock

If you’re looking to build a new dock, or even add to/improve your existing one, it would be great to know how to do it yourself to save up some money. You could hire professionals to do it for you, and the result would be worth it, but you CAN learn to do it yourself if you follow the advice we’ll share in this article. So if saving money is something that interests you, read on.

First off, here is the shortlist of costs required for you to finish the dock: the manufacturing costs of the dock parts, the transport of these dock parts to the location, and the cost of assembly.

So right off the bat, we can easily notice that by building the dock yourself, you’ll save money on assembly, and even transport if you can also take care of that yourself. But the truth is, you can also save on the dock parts if you know where to look and what to get.

Galvanized Steel

You can find a lot of companies that manufacture galvanized frames of steel that are sold either as part of a kit or individually. For your dock, you’ll need a kit that includes floats that are created specifically to work with frames (which come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from 2×8 to 8×12″. The bigger frames can weigh up to 350 lbs so shipping can really set you back financially depending on where they are manufactured and the distance they need to travel to get to you.

Treated Lumber

The 2nd option we’ll look at to frame your dock is by using treated lumber. You need to purchase this locally to cut down on shipping costs. You can purchase a hardware kit that comes with galvanized steel brackets. This kit isn’t very heavy or large, so the shipping won’t cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you find it locally. A word of caution however, if you’re building a treated lumber dock, know that this material isn’t made to be continuously submerged, but rather used for an above the water platform.


Dock frames made from aluminum will be considerably lighter from the ones made of steel and wood. Some frames of aluminum are welded units that can still be quite pricey to ship because they take a good amount of space. So once again, you should be looking at finding this material as close to your location as possible to cut down on costs. Several companies also create aluminum dock frames that are already bolt together. You can have them shipped in a set of little packages to save money. So this is a nice solution if you want a lighter dock and also want to be cost-effective.

For a multitude of reasons, manufacturers of floating docks usually don’t attach wheels to their docks. However, in the past few years several have started to offer wheels together with their aluminum sets of dock frame kits. These will usually be plastic wheels that will allow for the dock to be more easily moved and rolled on and off the beach(you can easily remove it during winter).

The final big advantage of using aluminum is that they are corrosion resistant and they won’t be compromised if you drill extra holes in them for any additions or adjustments you may want to make.

By using the right material and having a better understanding of the costs, sizes and implications, you’ll have every chance to build a beautiful cost effective dock that is perfect for your needs!

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Quick And Easy Tips To Build Your Fence

So you’re pressed for money but you still need to build your fence? No problem! We’re here to teach you how to do it yourself, it isn’t as hard as some people may thing. And after all, you know the old saying “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?” – boy is that true!

There are more than one type of fence you can create, so we’ll look to go through the basic steps that one needs to follow to build the right fence for their needs. Obviously, before starting out you should have an idea in your head about the look and design of the fence. For the purposes of this article, we’ll go with a classic wooden fence as that is usually the most popular option, and the one you’ll be most able to build on your own.

The First Step: Do The Correct Measurements

We’re gonna do this professionally. You need to perfectly measure the area your fence will cover so you can first and foremost determine exactly how much material you’ll need. Don’t go by the eye test, as this can and will end up costing you money. Knowing the exact area will allow you to know exactly how much wood you’ll need, how big of a gate etc.

The Second Step: Get Your Hands On The Right Materials

Now that you know your measurements and the exact space you’ll be building your fence on, you can determine how many posts and what amount of fencing you need. The basic materials you should be looking for are cement, 1 or 2 shovels (if you have help), post digger, nail gun, a sting line, a level and two saws – a circular one and a chop saw. Once you gather all of these (you should have some of them available to you already) we can get to the building part.

The Third Step: Installing The Fence PostsĀ 

Every hole should be dug 18 inches deep, and for this you’ll use your post digger. Each post should have a 6 feet distance from other posts for the entire area you are covering. Once you have your posts in the ground, it’s time to mix cement and pour it in, to secure the posts. Always make sure they are level with the ground, and allow it to dry out for 24 hours. After that time has passed you can move on with the installation.

The Fourth Step: Installing Fence Rails

You will need 2 rails that should be attached at the top and bottom of the posts, no more than 4 feet away from one another. The fencing planks will come onto these, so it is important that the distances are perfectly balanced.

The Fifth Step: Installing Wooden Planks

Next up it’s time to place all the wooden planks onto the fence rails. You need to do this plank by plank until you are done with your fence. If the planks are of good quality, they should go perfectly one next to each other, without leaving any space in between. It’s important when buying your fence planks to make sure they are of good quality. Of course, you could intentionally leave small equal spaces in between each plank if that’s the design and look you are going for.

The Final Step: Install Your Gate

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can build your own wooden gate, or if that’s too much for you to handle, you can always go for a prefabricated one, as they come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll have to attach this to the fence post by the use of a hinge. The gate closure needs to be attached to the other fence post, and voila, you’re done!

This might seem a bit intimidating at first, but there are so many people who build their own fences using these simple rules, I am sure you can too!

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The Benefits Of Designing Your Own Custom Deck

More and more people are interested in adding a deck to their outdoor area of their home. A deck can serve many purposes and it will also add a sense of style to the space in the immediate vicinity of your home. So if building a deck is something you are interested in, in this article we will look at some tips and advice about how to properly build the ultimate custom deck for you.

When designing your optimal deck, there are several benefitsĀ and factors that need to be considered. So let’s take a look at some of the most important ones:

Aesthetic Appeal

First and foremost, a deck will add that touch of elegance to your outdoor area, it will become the main focus of your backyard, it will say something about you. It’s a fashion statement as much as it is a utility.


Possibly the most common function of having a deck is for entertainment purposes. When summer comes it’s always great to have some friends over for a pool party, a barbecue, or simply to hang around and have some drinks outside under your deck umbrella. You can even simply use it to sit, relax and read a book while enjoying the outdoors.

A Place For Your Kids

There is no safer place for your kids to play outside than in your backyard, on your large deck. Under your supervision, they can safely enjoy the company of other children, play ball, paint, tell stories or engage in other cool activities they may enjoy. All without having to take them to a crowded park.

Now that we have discussed the different uses and reasons for having a deck, it’s time to look at important considerations when building one for you. Here they are:

Deck Location: Where To Place Your Deck

Before building your deck, you need to decide on the location. This might seem simple, but there are some guidelines you should keep in mind. If you plan to add furniture to your deck for example, you should consider the angle of the sun in the afternoon and try to picture how it would hit your deck. Will it affect guests you may have? You could even go as far as adding tinded screens to help block it if it bothers you. Also to consider is how much utility space and how much space will be covered by the said furniture. A different placement might make for more utility space to be available. Lastly, the size of your yard will be crucial in deciding the size of your deck. Normally, you don’t want your deck to take up your whole yard, but that’s up to you. However, remember to not extend over your property lines when installing your deck, that’s something to keep in mind as it may cause legal issues.

Size Of Your Deck

How many guests can your deck hold? Try to plan and estimate for that. If you are someone who likes to have many friends over, you might want to consider building a larger deck. Or, in case you’re a more private person and you don’t envision having many guests over at the same time, a smaller deck might be the answer for you. Always plan ahead and take all of this under consideration. If you have a small yard and you don’t want a permanent deck, there are options available to you in small sizes. Some decks are not permanent and can be detached, so going for a non-permanent deck might be a viable solution.

The Look Of Your Deck

The look is obviously very important, because your deck needs to be in perfect balance with the style of your house. You can use several different materials for your deck, but usually you should be going for something stylish that is long lasting. You don’t want your deck to be ruined by the first summer rain now do you? Also, to make your deck really stand out, you should always consider decorating the surrounding area to make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see, having a deck can be really cool and useful. To build your dream deck, make sure to take all of the advice presented into consideration as it is bound to help you get better results.

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