Best Way to Reach Out to a Prospect for the First Time

For years, there has always been a big debate among the sales community; when reaching out to a prospect for the first time, should businesses such as tow truck warrenton va send an email or make a call? The first interaction with a prospect is very important and will determine the future of your relationship. During the first interaction, you will be aiming at establishing trust, providing value and gathering important information that can help you tailor your offerings in the best way possible, to solve the pain points of your prospects. If you don’t get it right, you will be vulnerable to lose on an otherwise impressive deal you would have closed with a prospect.

Here are some of the best ways to reach out to a prospect for the first time.

When in doubt, email first

Major experts are for the recommendation that you should send an email for the first time. An initial email will always make a lot of sense because it requires a prospect to answer at the moment they receive the mail. Additionally, you can use the email you send as a reason for making the call. Always start by referring to this email to show you are one step further in your relationship. Emailing has another advantage as compared to calling. It lets you educate your prospects on the product’s value and can make a better way for a prospect to evaluate your message without pressure.

When to ignore the email-first rule

There are times you will need to ignore the email first rule. Once you have an established brand, it is time to start calling your prospects. If a prospect has already heard about your company, they will know if they want to speak to you about the product or not. However, if you don’t have an established brand, it is always a good thing to send an email for the first time. To have a quick review of your brand awareness, you can look at aspects such as Google Trends and compare how many people are searching for your company concerning the competitors already present in your industry.

A better method than phone or email?

Other experts point out that phones and emails are flawed. They argue that you should not be calling or sending emails. They recommend using a network to get an introduction. The concept behind this is that having a recommendation will make a buyer five times more likely to engage. You can be surprised how often this crucial step is ignored. Once your mutual connection has agreed to introduce you, ask them which communication method the prospect prefers, and use that preference mode of communication to engage with your prospects. In case you are lacking a shared connection, you may consider looking for prospects social media connections and getting started from there.

Avoid cold calls and spam

In everything you do in efforts to win the attention of a prospect, always avoid cold calls and spamming. You should never reach out to a prospect via any channels without first doing your research. Ultimately, you will even be in a better position either calling or emailing if you have some form of background information on the person you are contacting. That way, you stand a better chance tailoring your message in the most impressive way to your prospects, since you have some form of background information.

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